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ARSA Update

Hello ARSA

I want to say it has been a great pleasure to go around the state attending the county meetings with the ASBA and attending various county administration meetings. Hearing about what is happening in our rural schools has renewed my enthusiasm for all that you do.

We hope that our services will improve for all of our members and want to say thanks to the 2015–2016 membership that now totals 92. That is 21 more members than ever before. Let us hope that by strengthening our membership numbers it will strengthen our collective voice in advocating for the children of rural Arizona.

The underlying theme I see played out every day in schools across Arizona in the concept of what author Barry Heeman calls the “Nobel Purpose”. Every adult seeks fulfillment through their work, of fulfilling their need to do something of value. Unfortunately, the teaching profession has been victimized by politicians and other professions by playing on the altruistic nature of educators, knowing that educators value what they do.  

The lack of respect and proper funding are the results of this attitude. The younger educators are not willing to sacrifice respect and wages and the ever-widening gap between reality and altruism. We need to hold on to the new people coming in to our profession and hopefully the pendulum is shifting slightly in our favor at the state capitol. We need to keep plugging away and keep a constant vigilance to maintain and accelerate this momentum.

Please keep your suggestions and ideas coming, they are helping us to modify ARSA to, hopefully, better serve you.

Don German