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It's Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

Well that’s a crock if you are an administrator in any sized school district huh!

People do not realize that getting ready for the new school year, approving requisitions, budget revisions and budget assembly for approval by ADE, and last but not least is trying to fill any teaching vacancies, with quality people. You also have to make sure those maintenance and new construction projects that can only be done when school is not in session are on schedule and get completed before the instructional staff returns. You know those teachers who left their rooms in a shambles expect them to be perfect when they return! Lol

Even with all of that to do I highly encourage you to follow the admonishment that the Nebraska Football coaching staff drilled in to its players. After each play release, relax and reload. Definitely take some time to do something that is totally unrelated to your job. Spend time with loved ones, go away for at least a few days and try and remember the reasons you do what you do.

The tone you set, at the beginning of each year makes or breaks the effectiveness of your district, whether it is a one site district or a district with multiple schools. You are the leader and it’s up to you.

Always remember you have the second most important job in the world, which is supporting teachers who have the most important job in the world.