About Us

Governed by an executive board, our membership consists of representatives including:

  • School administrators
  • State education agencies
  • Educational service agencies
  • Rural school district boards

The goal of Arizona Rural School’s Association (ARSA) is to improve instruction in rural schools in Arizona. We believe that all students, regardless of geographic location or school size, are entitled to an equitable education. To help schools accomplish this equity, we:

  • Promote improved communication among rural schools, regional and state educational service center, Arizona Department of Education, and other public and private agencies
  • Help rural schools to identify and meet their educational goals
  • Provide a unified voice to local school boards, legislative bodies, and elected public officials
  • Coordinate sharing of services, resources, and knowledge among ARSA members

Through the years, we have evolved as a strong and respected organization that works diligently to improve the vitality of rural school systems throughout Arizona.

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Why Join ARSA?

Many Arizona educators and administrators in small and rural school districts feel that in the enactment of educational policies their special concerns are overlooked. They also find it difficult to share resources and valuable information due to geographical or isolated circumstances. Arizona Rural Schools Association provides just such a forum for sharing useful information and collaborating on successful solutions to the unique challenges of rural education. ARSA allows small and rural schools to speak with one voice about their concerns.

A few reasons to join ARSA and participate in the invaluable association of like-minded educators:

  • Participate in the sharing of successful rural school educational practices
  • Stay abreast of current educational topics via conferences, newsletters, networking, professional associations
  • Network with members who believe in the value of rural education
  • Learn how to provide excellence in rural education, despite the challenges faced when resources are scarce