The members and partners of ARSA believe that students living in rural parts of our state are as entitled to quality education as those living in our largest metropolitan areas. Communities, particularly rural communities, display the unique differentiators and diverse cultures of their residents, and each community school reflects its diversity. However, there are common educational needs applicable to all effective rural schools:

  • Quality teachers and administrators
  • Sufficient educational funding
  • Communication that facilitates sharing of successful educational strategies


Member Benefits

In order to help achieve our goals of equal opportunity education for all students, we provide ARSA members with:

  • Strong advocacy at legislative levels for their unique needs and concerns
  • Annual three-day conference to address Arizona rural school needs
  • A voice to National Legislature through NREA Legislative Platform
  • Quarterly Newsletter called "ARSA Reports"
  • An informal job service available to all rural districts to assist you in finding teaching, administrative, and other staff
  • Annual County "Teacher of the Year" and "State Teacher of the Year" program recognizing excellence
  • Hall of Fame to honor educators and others who have greatly contributed to rural education
  • Research and other informational resources of particular interest
  • Opportunities to share and network in areas of interest, regionally and statewide
  • Liaison with numerous allied and affiliated organizations including NREA
  • Regular updates throughout the legislative session as issues develop
  • Professional Leadership growth opportunities