Dianne Smith

Policy Expert

I am excited and honored to be joining the Arizona Rural Schools Association Team as a Policy
Expert. After 30 years as the Executive Director of an educational organization combined with
many more years working in the political arena I am dedicated and intentionally focused on
student academic achievement for ALL! Enhancing and expanding our ability to recruit, retain
and retrain educational leaders who are equipped with the tools, expertise, and experience to
ensure ALL STUDENTS are college and career ready with a emphasis on life-long learning to
becoming valuable contributors in our Arizona workforce guaranteeing a strong economy future.

Working together in a collaborative manner to build relationships, provide a united front when
possible and blend the successes and challenges across Arizona rural school districts.
Coordination on issues that will have a positive impact on decision making at the legislature, AZ
Department of Education, the State Board of Education, post-secondary institutions, business and
career models, and our local communities on education policy and budget issues.

I look forward to meeting and working together with our Rural School Leaders across Arizona
and providing information that will be beneficial to our Association Members.

Thank you for this opportunity! Relationships matter!

Dianne Smith
Policy Expert, Arizona Rural Schools Association (ARSA)
602-321-5643 Cell